Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Little Thief

Poor Sam.  I spend most of my mornings working in my sewing room so the little girl gets neglected.  Now that school is in she is forced to entertain herself for a few hours each morning.  Generally she does pretty good.  She is much the same as Kelsey was at this age.  They both could easily play dolls alone or watch a movie and be perfectly happy.  The other day, though, I made the mistake of showing Sam what I would make her for a halloween costume and now she is driving me crazy to make it for her.  Yesterday morning she kept bugging me and bugging me to take her out to buy her some pink material for her dress.  Well, having guilt over ignoring her all morning, I agreed to take her to Joanne's Fabric  to get some for her.  (Of course, now, with me being the blogger I am...I took pictures)
The pattern of choice for this year

Pink material! She is in heaven!
So, we are having a great time. I'm wearing the mother of the year hat very well... being patient, taking pictures...all that good stuff.  Then Sam wanders off and comes back holding a package of chocolate coins.  You know the ones that taste like wax?  I tell her to take them back and when she returns I pick her up and get her in the cart and this is what I see.
Yep, wrapper and all...chocolate in the mouth.  She had torn open the bag and was helping herself.  I could feel my good mother hat coming off my head.  I was calm though.  I really was thinking "Yes! Something to blog about"  :)  So, anyway,  we paid for the coins and left the store without the pink fabric.  Sam was pretty much devastated to not get her material and even more upset when I ate the chocolate coins and didn't give her any. Actually, I couldn't eat them all.  They were gross.  Haha! that does sound mean doesn't it?  (In actuality, she didn't know that I was eating them,  just that she couldn't have any. )   I cant help but smile at her.  She really does keep our whole family laughing.  She was promptly forgiven for her thieving and I think a lesson was learned because she cant stop talking about the wrongs of stealing chocolate coins.  


  1. Wow, she looks so much like Riley! At what point do these coin chocolates become gross? I remember loving them as a kid, but now I think they are nasty. :)

  2. oh how I used to think the chocolate coins were divine! She looks stinking cute in the middle of her naughtiness.

  3. What the crap? Why can't she have the coins and the material. Wait until I get there!!!