Sunday, September 12, 2010

This blogging stuff is hard!

So, I'm a slacker...I know.  I figure I just have to make the time to do this because I really do want to.  Just know that I will never promise to be as diligent as those every day bloggers.  Im more of a once a weeker-ish.  Last weekend we went to the Payson Days carnival that was in town.  We took the kids and and the camera.  I had these great intentions to post about that weekend.  Well, I was snapping photos all over the place and got some really good ones that I knew I wanted to share.  When I got home to upload my pix, something had happened and they all erased except for a couple.  I was pretty mad.  Anyways, I think the problem has been solved by a new SD card.  The other one I had was pretty old.  These are the surviving pictures from the fair:


This week my little Sammy started pre-school.  It's a great deal for me and a huge deal for Sam.  A friend of mine wanted to do a pre school for her daughter and offered to include Sam and a few other little friends to come twice a week and learn the alphabet with them.  My friend has done it before and has a curriculum that she bought a few years back but the great thing for me is that the only cost is that of printing for the worksheets and she does it all each day.   I just love her.  She is a great girl and these kids are going to have a great time.  Once Sam has had a couple of days there I will take pictures of her in action at school and blog about it.  For now, here is her first day of school excitement. 

Really, how cute is she?!

Just this weekend I was able to take the girls up to Logan for their cousin, Olivia's,  baby blessing.  Dan's sister, Danalin, invited the family up to be apart of this special day with her family.   Because Dan was on call, I got to drive them up there for a girls weekend.  Even though we were only there over night it was really fun.  I love Cache county and Logan, especially.  It is a great town.  On the drive up there Rachel was especially bored and decided to torment Sam while she slept.  Yes, that is a Mike N Ike.
Kelsey loved Olivia and spent most of her time holding her.


Rachel and Riley just love being with cousins

I have to finish this update with some shots of Sam, of course.  I know it seems that I take the most pictures of her (I do) but she is so fun and plus I am around her the most.  It seems that I have to chase the other girls around to find them for pictures!  They are just to busy for ole mom.

She LOVES to pose.  This is unprompted!

She also LOVES the camera and being silly.

Ok, now down to blogging business.  I have a question for all you experienced ones out there.  I cant understand the whole positioning of the pictures.  Can I not put them side by side?  It seems I should be able to drag them where I want.  Sometimes I have them side by side but then they move . I know that I do have two pictures beside each other in this blog but I dont know how I did it.  I tried with face painting pictures but it wouldn't work.  Then sometimes I post a picture and it goes to the top of my blog!  Any tips?


  1. Here is my best advice for getting pictures where you want them...fork out a tiny bit of money ($24.95 to be exact) for a year's subscription to PICNIK. I love that place. You can write on the photos, add text, make collages, add stickers, etc. You would love it. I use it almost daily. Seriously. Do.It!

  2. My granddaughters are soooo cute! Thanks for the keeps me somewhat caught up with the girls' activities, even though, I always feel like I am missing so much! This is great.