Friday, September 24, 2010

My kids think they are famous!

So for the past couple of months, Rachel and Riley have had the opportunity to work for the church.  Yes, this summer they have been hired and now fired by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Thanks to my brother Brant, who works for the Mormon Channel (an online radio station produced by the church), he was able to offer a radio recording gig to my girls.   The best I can describe what they do is that they are basically recording a primary class.  Aunt Tami is the teacher (actually the host) and Rachel and Riley, along with three other children, are the students.  They read a lesson together and then answer questions from the teacher about that lesson.   The five sessions they have completed have all been on the New Testament.  R & R have both love doing this and have learned so much from the experience.  I have loved it because I have been able to drive up to Salt Lake with Aunt Tami and enjoy a great time with her and my girls each time.  The best part for the girls is that they each have been able to earn $250  for their skills .  They now think they are rich!  The program is called Scripture Stories for anyone who might want to check it out.  Aunt Tami is the host of this show starting soon.  I know currently they are broadcasting a different host but Tami's stuff is coming.    Go to to listen.    Also at this web site you can go to the "program" tab and click on the program "Why I Believe" and listen to episode 7.  This is a recording my mom made of the story of her conversion to the church.  I pretty much love it!
So here are some picture of the girls and Aunt Tami in action.
Getting a "Pep" talk from Amen (Brant's editor)

Aunt Tami in the captains chair

Brant, Amen, and the girls getting ready to start
Aunt Tami taking a Tai Chi break between sessions.

Brant trying to look all business like :)


  1. I am so proud of my "famous" girls. I can hardly wait to listen to them. What a great experience for them. Brant does look all business like even though as his mother I know it is a trick!!! And Tami give up the Thai Chi and anything else that causes you to raise your arms above your head!

  2. I would think that I was pretty awesome too! What a neat experience for them

  3. I can't wait to hear it! They must have loved it.

  4. Sarah! What's THAT suppose to mean??? Do I look ridiculous? Are my arms huge? Do I have sweat stains??