Sunday, April 24, 2011

Long ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away...

....there lived the funniest four year old ever.  April 10, Sam turned four and when asked what she wanted she said that she wanted Ballet shoes (no she does not do ballet) and a new light saber.  What an odd combination!  She also said she wanted a Star Wars party.  I don't normally do full on birthday parties with the whole theme, games, and other peoples children but this year I figured, why not?!  I started looking online for ideas for star wars parties and do you realize that there are crazy mothers out there that spend outrageous amounts of money and time on kids parties?  It was nuts.  One mother was proud of the fact that her 6 year olds party ONLY cost her $250!  Well, its a good thing Sam cant read because I was not about ready to make jedi training cloaks for all our guests and outfit them each with a light saber.  We did have a great time though and Sam thought I was the best mom ever so really that's all that matters, right? 

Light saber "cake"

Kelsey was in charge of the pinata

What party wouldn't be complete with a couple of games?  We played "Pin the light saber on the Jedi", a memory game that required them to use their jedi powers to do, and "Dont eat Luke".  The funny thing about this whole party is that I think Sam was the only one there that even knew Star Wars.  I had to explain what a Jedi was and who Luke was?  Psshh, kids these days!

Sammie got lots of fun gifts for her birthday and while she did not get her new light saber (I thought two was enough) she did get what she thought was the greatest gift ever.....

Thank you Nana for the creepy Yoda costume.  She screamed when she got it and laughed at herself in the mirror for a good five minutes after putting it on.  Sam loved it!  What a girl!


  1. what a fun little girl and what a fun mommy for humoring her. I think it is great that she is her own unique little person.

  2. Every family needs a wise little Yoda! Well, at least a fun Yoda!!! How cute Sammy is. Loved hanging out with her! Love that she knows who she any given moment...because it changes!