Friday, March 11, 2011

American Thanksgiving 2010

When Grandma and Grandpa Wood got their mission call we knew that this year's Thanksgiving celebration would be a special one.  G and G have been assigned to the Alpine Germany mission and were to report to the MTC on November 29, 2010.  We all knew that this Thanksgiving would be the last opportunity for our Wood family to be all together for at least 18 months.  Bring on the chaos!!  Having five of the six Wood children and all their families were together in one house for the weekend was CRAZY!!  11 adults and 13 children  and we have a party! It was perfect!  The dinner was amazing (as always) and the games and fun to be had was great.   Every year we are together for thanksgiving you can see the kids off in one room playing games, the mom's in the next room browsing the Black Friday ads, the men sleeping or watching football, and Grandma in the kitchen making a pie or watching the kids.  This year, though, there was that resounding heaviness that was weighing on all our minds that our special parents would be leaving all this craziness to serve their mission.  I think we all are so proud or them and their willingness to serve.  The Sunday that the family was there we were all able to go and attend their setting apart with the Stake President.  What a great experience that was!  While we miss them, we are so happy that they are serving in Germany and even more happy that we will get to go see them in a year!

So here we go with the pictures:

Dan spending his time with Sam watching football

Me holding Olivia.  (One of the only times I didn't make her cry!)
Cousin time!
Sam helped set the big table.
They all thought it would be fun to do family yoga.  Why?  I dunno
The yearly traditions continued with our trip to Spaghetti Factory
Awww.  How cute are they?
Rachel was offended that the waitress gave her a kiddie menu and cup. 
Somewhere in this weekend I managed to sew a couple of skirts. 
I thought they turned out pretty nice :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. You look like a model in the picture with Olivia. So lovely!

    Your skirts are adorable too.

  2. cute skirts! Well of course everyone wanted to do yoga to burn off some thanksgiving calories. right?

  3. I love that Rachel was given a kiddie menu! That's so funny. And I love the skirts... I gotta make me some of those. :)