Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jr. Miss Santaquin

This year Rachel decided with her best friend that they wanted to sign up for the Jr. Miss Santaquin pageant.  I was a little surprised at her interest in doing it because I would never have thought that dressing up all pretty and walking across a stage waving to judges and an audience would have been something that Rachel wanted to do.   For a whole week before the pageant, Rachel and all of the other girls spent time each day learning a dance and working on posture and their walks.  They also completed a service project as a group.  When the night of the show came Rachel was glowing.  She both felt and looked amazing.   The night was a long one for an audience member and Dan may have bribed the girls with money to never do it again but it was worth it to see my girl on the stage smiling like the world was hers for the taking!  As Rachel was walking across the stage waving to everyone I was so happy for her.   At the end of the her walk she stopped at one end of the stage to draw a question out of a bowl to answer.  Her question was "Why did you want to enter Miss Santaquin this year?"  Rachel, as honestly and as eloquently as she could said "I wanted to do Miss Santaquin this year because I wanted to ride on the float in the parade.  Thank you."  Ahh, I love this girl!
Getting ready to preform their dance number "New York, New York"
Quick change and set to walk the stage.

After the dance performance I sent Kelsey in to the changing room to see if Rachel needed any help with getting ready.   Kelsey came back quickly and very dramatically expressed concern for her own life in entering that room.  She said there were so many mothers in there helping their kids that she felt she nearly suffocated from hair spray inhalation and that she almost lost an eye from a "bump-it".

One of her Miss Photogenic pictures

Wearing her crown and 3rd attendant sash!
Good Job, Rachel!  She will get to ride the float this year for the Payson Onion Days over Labor Day weekend and she did inform her dad that he would be sitting through it all again next year :)


  1. That is AWESOME!! I totally would have come to this. (next year??) She does get to ride on the float right?? I hope so.

  2. That girl is gorgeous!! And I have this funny feeling that this won't be the first time she surprises us... She is awesome!