Friday, March 11, 2011

Dear Kelsey, Rachel, Riley, and Sam.....

Well, my girls, remember back a few entries ago when I was so excited to start a blog to record our lives together???  Well, once again your mother has fallen short.  It has been four months since my last attempt at posting a blog and ,well, there really are no excuses.  Have we been busy?  Yes.  Have there been big events occur in the past four months?  Yes.  Have I been writing them down?  No.  (*hanging my head in shame*) Even though the past four months have come and gone without a post all I can do now is just push the rewind button, pretend that I never skipped out in my commitment to record the cool and meaningful things that have happened in our lives together as a family, and re post some of the great pictures and events that have happened lately.  It may take a few entries to catch up but...lets just do it, k?  I figure it will take about three entries to update Thanksgiving, Christmas, and our Disneyland trip.  And just to keep you interested, here are a couple of pictures from the past few months.

Thanksgiving with the Wood Family.  This was right after G-ma and G-pa were set apart as missionaries.
Building "gingerbread" houses christmas eve
The girls standing in line waiting to see the Disney princesses.  Can you see the joy?? :)
Belle and the girls 

So girls, I am a slacker when it comes to this stuff.  I would like to say that I am going to be better but, really, I am only going to commit to doing the best I can.  Thats all any of us can do, right?  Just know that our time together is precious and I love every minute of it!
Love, MOM

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