Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween! (and other stuff)

We love Halloween here.  I love making costumes and the girls love wearing them.  Every year we have a family party hosted by Kristin Wood.  She is one of my girls aunts and is simply amazing.  She has boxes and boxes of Halloween stuff to put out each year at this fabulous party that she puts on.  I wish I had gotten more pictures of the games but I got plenty of the costumes and food.  The whole night is pretty fun. 

Aunt Kristin

Connor: After all this work for the costume, he ended up HATING it!

Center piece

Monster cupcakes made by myself.
A close up of these fabulous cupcakes!!

Meringue ghosts were my favorite!

On top of Kristin's party, Halloween would not be complete without pumpkin carving for FHE.  This year as well as carving we made these luminaries for the porch.  The girls simply modge podged on tissue paper and faces to glass jars and put a tea light into the bottom.  They had such a good time making these and I think all turned out pretty great.

I've had the above written for some time and only now am posting and since I have been so bad about updating this blog I thought that I would  add in a couple of odds and ends.  This month Rachel ran for student council. She did great. She used her whole super hero costume as a theme for her running.  Posters were made with her in costume "saving" the school and her skit she had to preform was all super hero stuff. Unfortunately, she was beat out  by the other candidates.  (only because some of them cheated though! I have to throw that in) I thought that it was cute that she made t shirts her best friends.

And yesterday I was putting a chicken in the rotisserie oven with Sam watching me.  Once I got the bird in and rotating Sam kind of freaked out.  I didn't think that she would react the way she did.  I had to explain to her more than once that there was no head or feet because they had been chopped off.  She thought that it was all gross.  I should not have been surprised when I put a drumstick on her plate at dinner that she burst into tears and refused to eat it.  Kind of spazzy but cute.

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  1. Awww, poor Sammy! She will never eat chicken again. You may just have a vegan in the making! Kristin does do amazing Halloween parties. That looks so fun. Good for you Rachel. I'd vote for you! Thanks for the blog updates...I love them.