Monday, October 11, 2010

Canadian Thanksgiving

Saturday, October 9th, we were invited to go to Aunt Tami's house for a Canadian Thanksgiving dinner.  I was so excited for this.  I was excited for a couple of reasons.  Firstly, because I knew Tami had invited so many friends and family.  She was kind of stressed about where to fit everyone but it turned out so great.  Tami and Terry have great kids and I was looking forward to meeting with them again.  Also invited were cousins from Idaho that I have not seen much in the past few years.  It was a treat to see everyone.  I was also excited for this gathering because of  the food.  Ive had a lot of Tami's dishes and I was quite eager to indulge myself.  I think I was successful since I really left feeling like I was going to puke.  So after the party I decided that this  is what I am thankful for today :

Uncle Doyle, Russel, his wife Heather, and their girl Riley
Sister cousins, Erika and Melissa

Cute Keri Burton

Ariel, Brant (yes, he is a dork!) and Terry

Riley, Ezra, and Aiden

My Aunt Tami,
She was a wonderful host and I was thankful that she opened her home and slaved over this hot stove all day. 

Good Food,

I have to say that this may look gross in this picture but next to Tami's "sweet" sweet potatoes, this was THE BEST!  Erin Anderson made this lovely corn pudding and it was Dee-lish.  So, I am most thankful that she went to Whole Foods, tasted their sample for the day, and came with it to the dinner.  Mmmm.  Really, I want some more.  Right now.

and finally, after this shindig, I am thankful for
Street Hockey


Why might I be thankful for this?  I dont know why, really, but it was so fun to just yell "Car".  We had goals marked out with Tami's shoes (one of which got run over), two teams, and a lot of just running around.  Riley was surprisingly really good at it.  Brant was not. (kidding)  His boys, however, were little animals with those sticks but loved every bit of it.  I am sorry to say the even though I am Canadian I had never really played street hockey.  My brothers and Dad always played but honestly I was to scared to play with them. 

Thank you Aunt Tami and I am marking you down on my calendar for next year!! :)


  1. Me too, Adrianne! I so wish we could have been there, but we were busy with our own Thanksgiving dinner here in Calgary. We had the rest of the family here. Joel/Fiona, Taylor/Natalie, Vaughn/Tasha, Mike/Gabi, Gabi's dad/step-mother (from Brazil), Gabi's brother(also from Brazil but had very good English skills), Brandy/Cory, and all 8 children. But I miss you and all the others. Maybe next year.... Thanks for sharing.

  2. I wanna come next year! I love all the pictures and I am sure the food was divine!

  3. Well, you are welcome my dear girl. And, for anyone reading this, I can vouch for the fact that Adrianne was very close to puking! That's the way I love my guests to leave my house. So stuffed and content.

    By the way...Adrianne and her girls made 25 pounds of mashed potatoes. They were delicious. I didn't get any of her apple pie but I'm sure it was luscious as well.