Thursday, November 10, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween this year was a little different for us.  My kids are getting older and they didnt all need costumes.  Good for me because I didnt have to sew four costumes but sad too because, well my kids are to old to trick or treat.  However, even though they could not go door to door they made their holiday a fun one.  A family in our neighborhood puts on a annual spook alley in their garage.  Kelsey and Rachel both spent many hours before Halloween helping the Glazners set up this spook alley.  Every night for the week leading up to the big night and halloween night itself they spent working as monsters or ghouls in the "Haunted Garage".  They had a really good time and loved every bit of it.  Entrance fee into the spook alley is a can of food to be donated to the food bank.  For this good will the local paper came to interview the Glazners.  The kids were all pretty excited to get their pictures in the paper.  Kelsey, Rachel and somehow even Sam got into the paper.  I think that Sam was just there playing when the Chronicle came to take pictures so she just hopped right in there.  She has been carrying the paper around with her ever since it arrived yesterday.

Outside the garage

Kelsey in the jail cell

Not Rachel but she did wear this costume on some nights.  
While the older girls were doing their business and Riley was off with her friends trick or treating, Dan and I and the Broadbents took our younger kids out around the neighborhood.  The weather was so mild that we trick or treated for  over an hour.  We probably would have gone longer had Sam not wet her pants during the fun.  Sometimes you just cant take the time for something as trivial as a bathroom break when there is candy to be had. 
Getting ready to leave for the night.

Miles, Sam, and Ada
Then, of course, was the annual Aunt Kristen Halloween party.  Kelsey and Rachel did dress up for this one.  The girls always look forward to this family party.  Numbers were fewer this year than years past but the kids had a great time.  Angry birds were the costume of the year.  We had fun doing them.
All the "Angry Birds"

After eating her donut on a string

Happy Halloween 2011

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  1. Wow sounds like it was a pretty good halloween. :) Keep blogging.... it makes you guys seem not so far away.